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What Makes Us Different

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New patients in our office commonly mention that they were referred to us because they were told we are different from other chiropractors.

And you know what? They aren’t wrong. We aren’t your traditional chiropractor. And we take such pride in that difference.

Our office’s primary goal is on function, meaning our focus is not so much on the classic low back pain and neck pain that many chiropractors are known for. We aim to ensure that your body is functioning at its optimal level, and that goes way beyond pain and symptoms.

We see far more new patients for stress and overall wellness than neck kinks and sciatica. We certainly can still help with headaches, low back flare ups, and neck stiffness, but we look at those symptoms as one small piece of the whole puzzle.

That puzzle is how your body is working. Typically, symptoms are key indicators that you have been under stress for a long period of time, and your healing capacity has been dialed down as your body has faced the roller coaster of life.

So, how do we assess stress and its impact on the nervous system and overall wellness? Here at River Shores Chiropractic, we utilize a state of the art technology called the Insight Subluxation Station to measure exactly how much stress your nervous system is facing. (Nervous System=brain and all the nerves in your body that communicate signals from the brain) This tool, which we call a scan, is non-invasive and appropriate for all ages (yes, even newborns and pregnant women). These scans allow us to assess how different stressors in a patient’s life may be impacting their body’s function.

They also let us get a deeper look into the inner workings of your nervous system. Only 15% of the nerves in our body are utilized for senses or feeling, the other 85% of nerves are used for the vital functions of our body that we can not feel or control. While we definitely care about the different feelings (or symptoms) related to that 15% of your nervous system, we really want to know how the other 85% is functioning and these scans help us determine that.

Our number one goal for every patient in our office is to always improve their ability to adapt to stress (whether it be physical, emotional or chemical stressors). You might be thinking…”Wait…don’t you serve a lot of kids? What kinds of stress could they possibly have?” The number one stressor on kids is birth itself! Then think about learning to walk and all the falls they take. Think about them sitting in class all day and on tablets and computers. Add in sports, a diet of highly processed foods, heavy backpacks, and you have a perfect recipe of stress.

We do not just want your symptoms to resolve, we want to make sure your nervous system is functioning at maximum potential, allowing for happier, healthier lives! Remember, 15% vs. 85%. When your care is based on symptoms alone, you are only allowing for 15% of overall functional improvement.

Our office is filled with patients who realize that life can be so much better when they go beyond the 15%.

Our RSC patient family is one filled with happier babies, thriving elementary aged kiddos, and teenagers handling those tough transitional years like bosses. And the moms? They have gone from burnt out to rocking their many hats with ease.

So, yes, we certainly are different from many other chiropractors. We are dedicated to witnessing the miracles that take place with our patients when we focus beyond the 15%.

We are dedicated to helping you find a level of health and happiness that you may have never dreamed possible. And it all starts with a scan…

Is it time to take a peek inside to see how your body’s working?


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