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Dr. Krysti Wick

Favorite food:  Tacos

Favorite color:  Aqua/Turquoise

Favorite quote:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  – Maya Angelou

Dr. Krysti Wick

Hey there, I’m Dr. Krysti Wick, Founder of River Shores Chiropractic! 

My journey with chiropractic actually began as a little girl. I had a terrible fall that came with life-altering consequences. Luckily, I met a doctor who listened to my health concerns and worked with me to resolve them. This twist of fate had a lifelong impact on my health, and inspired the course of my career. 

After attending the University of Wisconsin, I chose Logan College of Chiropractic in suburban St. Louis to complete my education. 

After graduation, my husband and I returned to Wisconsin, where I opened River Shores Chiropractic in December, 2007 with the dream of becoming a trusted and revered family health resource in our area. The truth is, community is everything to me and creating a space to truly care for my neighbors is something I take great pride in. Every decision I have made for River Shores has been based on how we can best serve the families in our neighborhood and I truly believe that’s what has led to us becoming our community’s go-to team of trusted family health experts.  

My children Keaton and Kyla, and my husband Joe, remain central to my work. When Keaton was born in 2012, he faced overwhelming challenges during a stay in the NICU. I was able to apply my knowledge of adjustments for newborns in my own son’s care, and he had a transformative recovery as a result. 

Children currently make up over 40% of our patient base and my pledge is to give each and every one of them the same level of attention and care that I give my own children. The families that work with us become part of the River Shores Family and that’s a level of trust we take very seriously. 

Dr. Andrea Lange

I joined the River Shores Chiropractic team in 2015, fulfilling my lifelong goal of working alongside another mom-chiropractor! Prior to working at River Shores, I had opened Cafe of Life Chiropractic in Milwaukee, which also focused on full family care, with an emphasis on children and pregnant moms. 

Like Dr. Krysti, my journey with pediatric chiropractic began when I was a patient myself, going in for wellness adjustment as a competitive swimmer. 

I attended Texas A&M University for my undergraduate degree, followed by Parker University in Dallas, TX for my doctorate in chiropractic. It was at Parker where I was introduced to chiropractic care for newborns and young children, along with pregnant moms. I focused on prenatal and pediatric care throughout my time at Parker and became dedicated to making that my life’s work. This passion only increased after my husband Jeff and I welcomed our own two daughters, Camryn and Taryn. 

My life’s purpose is helping parents create healthy families through chiropractic care! I am lucky enough to be able to use my education, experience, and relatability to inspire them towards a path that empowers each person to see that their body was designed for health. I firmly believe that every pregnant mom should be empowered to know that they are more than capable of having a healthy pregnancy and the birth that they desire! I also believe that every child should be checked at birth and beyond to be allowed to grow and thrive the way they were intended.

Most days you can find me at the practice, serving up adjustments and hugs to our RSC families! When I’m not in the practice, you can find me at home “momming” it up with my spunky, yet sweet daughters and my super supportive husband! I love spending time with my family, snuggling with my 2 pups, reading something motivational or just plain fun, drinking coffee, and jamming out to my favorite songs!

Favorite food: Steak and Campfire Potatoes

Favorite color:  Teal

Favorite quote:  “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine

Favorite food:  Tacos

Favorite color:  Blue

Favorite quote:  “Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”  – Brene Brown

Dr. Kari Charlevoix

As a kid, I hated the doctor. I was very active, suffering from broken bones and illnesses, and experienced my fair share of pain and impersonal experiences. I set out to become a doctor to try to change this experience for other children.

I felt strongly about being committed to health and wellness, not just sickness and pain. I began seeing a chiropractor in middle school to help treat sports-related injuries, and continued to receive care while playing golf at UW-Whitewater. I saw a huge difference in my performance while under chiropractic care, and also appreciated the difference in my experience as a patient. 

Because of the positive impact my own doctors had on my life, I decided to become a chiropractor, and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. There, I became passionate about pediatric and family care. I feel it’s my responsibility to help educate parents to evaluate all medical options for their kids. 

I am honored to be a part of the West Bend community, and seek to bring hope and healing to families along with Dr. Krysti and Dr. Andrea.

Our Staff

Kaylee Schellpfeffer – Patient Experience Coordinator

Kaylee joined our team in November 2019 after spending seven years working in Orthodontics as an Assistant & Front Desk Coordinator. Kaylee grew up in Grafton and relocated to West Bend in October 2018 after marrying her husband, Brennan. Together they love to travel and spend time with their Saint Berdoodle named Roxy.

She believes her God given gift of creativity is the reason she is passionate about anything related to photography or making crafty Pinterest projects in her free time. (She is also now the artist on all our office chalkboards!) Time spent with family & friends is a big priority for Kaylee, and as stress relief she likes to bake for those she loves, especially French macarons!

Those closest to her would say there is a slight obsession with anything pineapple or bacon related. As a patient of RSC before starting as the Patient Experience Coordinator, she values being a part of the positive & friendly atmosphere and is passionate about the amazing care we provide! She enjoys the opportunity to build lasting relationships with everyone who walks through our doors.

Katie Purcell – Patient Care and Systems Coordinator

Katie became a team member as a Patient Care and Systems Coordinator in August of 2020. She graduated from the University of Oshkosh Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise and Fitness. This has taught her about the body and importance of health and wellness. As a result she prioritizes on her own health and loves to share her knowledge with others. 

Katie has found her passion for working to improve health from the inside out with minimal use of medications as possible. She has been able to improve her own health by making it a priority to get adjusted, drink water, eat healthy, exercise, and take time to do the activities she loves. Already after a few adjustments she noticed improvements with her headaches.  

She grew up in Sussex playing soccer and tennis and has now moved to West Bend and continues to run, hike, and play tennis in her free time. Katie also enjoys reading, refurbishing furniture, and hanging out with her friends to relax. 

Candice Butzlaff – Front Desk Assistant

Candice joined the RSC team as a marketing coordinator in 2017 and has played a role in many different parts of the office since then. First as a practice member, and now as a front desk assistant, Candice values being surrounded by a team that loves what they do and is passionate about creating a personal relationship with each person who joins the RSC family. She’s often said that she doesn’t HAVE to go to work, but is thrilled to GET to go to work! After growing up in Belgium WI, Candice attended UWM-Washington County and then moved to Kewaskum, where she and her husband Ben are raising their four fantastic children.  

Throughout a 10 year struggle with autoimmune dysfunction, Candice discovered her passion for holistic health and wellness. Using chiropractic care throughout all 4 pregnancies was a game changer – to this day, she still cannot survive without her weekly wellness adjustment! When she’s not at RSC or living the mom-life, Candice loves exploring all things essential oils, paleo cooking, recipe modifying, finding and creating different natural remedies, and sharing her wealth of knowledge with everyone she meets! 

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