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It’s no secret that here at River Shores

we love kids.

Kids remind us of the joy of life. The ability to be present. The moment to moment opportunity to honor our feelings, express our desires, and ask for what we want.

As a society we tend to talk about kids stressing us out and not kids who are stressed.

But the truth is, from utero on, kids do experience stress and while they may not have the language to express it, their bodies still hold it. 

For this reason, we think chiropractic is SO important for the whole family.

While we all do our best with our kiddos, it’s common for them to have trouble focusing in school, painful recurring ear infections, overwhelming night terrors, difficulty expressing themselves, and so on.

Truth be told, these little ones have a lot to deal with! We get it and we’ve been there. And while there’s so much that’s out of our control, we’re here to help you feel more empowered to figure it all out. 

When it comes to you and your family’s health, the key is letting the body heal. And with the right doctors, technology, and care, that can be a whole lot easier. The healing power is inside each of you, and we’re here to help you access it. 

As a parent, (and even as a kid) there will always be stress. And while we can’t change that, we can help you and your kids manage it and have the freedom of an active, untethered lifestyle. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem, and to give you a solid foundation of health. For yourself, or for your kids — or both! 

While it’s always about the bigger picture of wellness, many parents report Chiropractic helping their children with:

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We also offer prenatal care for expectant moms.

Chiropractic care is great for pregnant women, making expectant moms more comfortable and helping to ease labor. Birth trauma is a common occurrence, and many conditions that affect young children can be related back to this trauma. When we begin caring for a child right from birth we can help reduce the effects of birth trauma and ensure they are on a healthy path.

We’ve already had the privilege of welcoming thousands of your neighbors into our family, and they have wonderful success stories to share with you.

They’ll all tell you that we’re their secret weapon and we’d be honored to be yours too.