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Expect Miracles

expect miracles

Up near the ceiling, in the hallway here at River Shores Chiropractic there is a small sign that with a passing glance doesn’t look all that significant. This sign has greeted everyone as they walk down the hall into the adjusting rooms, but many don’t know that its words hold a large premise of why everyone of us on the RSC team has such passion for what we get to do every day.

The sign reads, “expect miracles,” and encompasses the hope that we have for every individual that comes into our office.

Over the years this sign has been crawled under, hugged under and has witnessed it all.

It has witnessed children getting their childhoods back after spending the first few years of their life sick and on round after round of antibiotics. It has seen stressed and anxious adults find natural relief for their concerns. It has seen the resolutions of all sorts of sicknesses, aches and ailments. And it has bared witness to many tears of triumph.

The list of victories this sign has witnessed during its time on the wall could go on and on, but behind all of them is a countless number of nervous systems finally functioning at their maximum potential.

The blueprints on growing from a newborn to an adult, your heart beating, lungs breathing, and every thought you’ve ever had, starts with your nervous system. It is your nervous system that allows your body to fight off a common cold or a grizzly bear if necessary. And it’s the system that allows your body to digest an entire pizza while making sure that the paper cut on your finger is healing. Your amazing nervous system is the central control station for your entire body, which is why it is vital to make sure that it functions optimally and allows your body to adapt to all of life’s stressors.

As functional based chiropractors, our job is not to cure anything; it is to utilize chiropractic adjustments to help make sure your brain and your body can communicate as easily as possible. Our focus is making sure that everyone’s nervous system, from birth on, is adapting to its environment allowing them to grow, heal and function as intended.

Oftentimes individuals come into the office looking for answers and our goal is to give them new found hope. Hope that the root cause of their ongoing issues has been found and will be addressed. Hope that diagnoses will no longer define their everyday life. And hope that they have found the right place for them.

River Shores Chiropractic, at its core, has embraced the idea of hope and expecting miracles for everyone who enters our office, even if they haven’t embraced it themselves yet. As your chiropractors we see what is possible when your body is functioning at its full potential and will gladly be your guides to help you achieve it and find your own definition of a miracle.

Someday in the (nearish) future, “Expect Miracles” may be painted in large letters on a wall for everyone to see. But until then, this small symbol of hope will continue to watch over the hallway; greeting new and old faces into River Shores Chiropractic.


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