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a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, regarded in chiropractic theory as the cause of many health problems.

Subluxations are misalignments that can cause years of pain, exhaustion, and discontentment.

Our practice is focused on adjusting you to relieve the subluxations and get you on your way to your health goals. 

Many people think we are bone doctors, but we are actually nerve doctors.  That’s why in our office we choose to use technology that tells us exactly how your nerves are functioning. 

Nerves are the information superhighway that allows your brain to tell every organ, tissue, and gland exactly what to do. It’s the way that your natural ability to heal is communicated.

It’s important to note that…

You only feel about 15% of what your nervous system does (i.e. pain and symptoms are the last thing to show up and the first to go away even though there is an underlying problem).

To understand what’s happening with the other 85% you have to be able to get information another way.

scanning patient with insight subluxation station

How we choose to get more information is part of what makes us different.

At River Shores, we use technology called the INSIGHT Subluxation Station which allows us to see how your WHOLE nervous system is functioning. 

Using this functional information, we can create a care plan that addresses EVERYTHING that’s happening instead of just fixing the surface level problems and not getting to the root cause. 

With the help of this incredible technology, we’re able to assist with your immediate health goals AND improve your body’s response to stress moving forward (which means long term improved health) in just a few months. (That’s INCREDIBLE, isn’t it?!) 

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